SQL Server Table Designer can’t save changes

I come across this warning/error message every time I do a fresh install of SQL Server on my laptop and despite having set this option back more times than I care to remember, I end up spending a few minutes looking for the setting in the Management Studio options.

Figure: Warning saving changes would result in dropped objects

The default setting in Management Studio is actually quite sound as it prevents you from making table changes that would result in a table having to be dropped and recreated. This could lead to a lot headaches in a production environment. When being used in a development environment I really don’t care about these extra checks and just want my schema changes to go through without extra checks. In order to allow this the following change needs to be made:

  1. Tools | Options
  2. Designers | Table and Database Designers
  3. Uncheck Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation

Figure: Management Studio | Tools | Options


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