Optus Cable 100Mbps Unlimited, Well not really

After being an extremely happy customer of TPG on the TPG Unlimited ADSL2 service for about 2 years, I noticed Optus was doing what looked like a cracker deal (I was wrong). Optus were going to provide:

  • Unlimited Cable Internet
  • Unlimited Phones Calls
  • Fetch TV box with a 1TB PVR
  • and with a bit sweet talking an upgrade to the premium speed pack (100 Mbps)

All for $90 per month. This deal was actually $30 more than what I was paying TPG as I didn’t really care about phone calls or a Fetch TV box, but the appeal of 100 Mbps made me take the plunge and cancel the TPG  service in favor of Optus.

For first two months everything was sweet, consistently getting over 80 Mbps and even managing around 60 Mbps in the evenings. Web pages were lighting fast, no issues downloading files whilst being connect to a remote desktop at work and streaming video was never an issue with multiple YouTube 1080p streams never taxing the connection.

But lately (since the beginning of April 2015) the speeds have become unbearable to point where I’m wondering why I didn’t just stick with TPG. At least with TPG I was consistently getting 15-20 ms pings and 15-17 Mbps download speeds day and night!

With Optus right now speeds are low as 2Mbps in the evenings with the only respite coming after 11pm.

I created and Excel Spreadsheet that takes the Optus Speed Test results, parses them and copies the raw data into a table.

This table is then turned into a chart that displays Download, Upload and Latency over time.


Figure: Optus Download Speed slows down dramatically from 4:00pm in the afternoon to about 11:00 pm at night.

Hopefully Optus resolves this issue soon I’m including the my spreadsheet here for anyone else that interested in keeping a log of their Optus Speed Test results.

Update: I didn’t include the macro enabled spreadsheet, correct one is now linked.

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2 thoughts on “Optus Cable 100Mbps Unlimited, Well not really

  1. Doesn’t cable depend on how many other users in the neighbourhood are using it at the same time? That would be consistent with your speeds dropping around 4-11pm when everyone is home from work & school. Did it ever improve or did you end up going back to TPG?

  2. Hasn’t improved at all. I occasionally hit Optus up for a credit on my account which they seem happy to give, almost like an implicit acknowledgement that they know they have a huge problem 🙂 Regarding 4-11pm kids home from school etc, yes I would agree *but* the speeds tend to drop off and recover like a light switch. For example at 11:01 PM 2 Mbps then 2 mins later at 11:04 90 Mbps. What just happened? Did everyone just instantly turn off all internet connected devices between 11:01 and 11:04 PM? This sort thing points to the ISP actively shaping the connection. On top of this I’ve noticed that services like Netflix and Youtube don’t suffer, ie you can have 3-4 separate machines all streaming 1080p YT and no buffering, by try and download a file during the “peak” times and you will be doing max 4-6 Mbps.

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